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Will Greene Takes 6mm Max Out to a Mile

Yesterday I was able to spend some time getting this rifle dialed in. We started off confirming the data in my ballistics app, and after truing the app it was time to stretch the legs on my 20″ SOLGW 6mm Max. I am shooting the 90g ELD-X’s at about 2820 out of the 20″ barrel and this rifle puts a smile on my face every time I pull the trigger. Without the help I received from Clark and Brian who helped me get this gun dialed in, I don’t believe I would have made the shots I did.
With the help of awesome guys like this, I was able to really see what I’m capable of with this rifle. We got rounds on target regularly at 1000 yards, followed up by 3 consecutive impacts at 1500 yards with roughly a 4 second shot cadence, long enough for the indicators to turn off. I then tried to push for more, and after some wind and elevation corrections from Clark, I hit at 1 mile!!
Sons of Liberty Gun Works is building badass rifles, and BC Precision Ballistics has put together one hell of a round with the 6mm Max. I love this rifle!!