Sons Of Liberty Gun Works FAQ

How do I order a lower parts kit or a custom-made rifle online?

When you order your item you will be asked to provide contact info for your FFL. You must also contact them and have your dealer E-Mail us a copy of their FFL with your WEB number in the subject line.

How do Continental Dollars work?

As you purchase items from Sons of Liberty you will be awarded Continental Dollars which you can then redeem for merchandise. Continental Dollars are like coupons at a carnival, you must have the total number needed for the item you want.  Once you have accumulated enough CD's for the item you want your order will be placed as a separate order. You will need to have enough CDs to cover shipping as well. You can not use CDs as a discount on an item and all items purchased with CDs must be on a separate order.

How do a change an order once it has been placed?

We typically do not allow changes once an order has been placed, email us and we will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis.  If changes can not be made we may refund your order and have you place it again.  We try to be as flexible as possible, however, changed orders can lead to mistakes made on our end, so we may require you to replace the order.

Can I come to the shop?

Yes, most definitely, we have a fully functioning retail location and love visitors.  Feel free to bring us beer, we are sponsored by Lone Star but don't discriminate.

My Dealer/LEO/Military/Fire/EMS discount isn't showing a discount for some items, how do I fix this?

Once you have completed the sign-up process and we have tagged your account, you must be logged in and use code "leomil10"  or "dealer2018" in order to get all available discounts on non-SOLGW products.

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