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SAPD Finishes 1st Place at SWAT Round-Up International 2023

SWAT Round-Up International 2023 competitions kicked off Nov 7th!
As the 54 teams from around the globe convene, they’ll not only compete but also share in the values of loyalty, courage and commitment to protect.
Five intense competition events double as strategic training opportunities, simulating real-life scenarios to push teams to their limits. It’s a chance for SWAT teams globally to unite, test their mettle and grow stronger together.

The results are in from the 2023 SWAT Round-Up International!
After an intense week of competition and training, we’ve witnessed incredible skill and teamwork from 54 teams around the globe. These events, simulating real-life scenarios, pushed each team to their limits.
San Antonio Police Department in 1st Place! 
Congratulations to all the teams for their dedication and hard work.