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SOLGW Podcast Ep: 1776-0009: Let’s Talk Barrels

On today’s episode Mike and Kyle talk to Clark Curnutt and Preacher PRS experts about barrels and nerd out on data and info. This is the episode to watch here! Hope you enjoy!

Clark Curnutt is multi-discipline competitive shooter. Ballistics nerd. Hobby gunsmif and relentlessly pursuing precision. (Short and sweet bio, gotta love it)

Clark’s Instagram:

Phillip “Preacher” Musick has been involved in shooting sports for 10+ years in disciplines from 3 Gun to PRS. After coming onboard at Sons of Liberty Gun Works in 2021 he began training and shooting more often. In those three years has logged 128 hours of time in various classes from high level instructors. 

Preacher’s Instagram: ⁠