SOLGW Liberty Narrow Latch Ambi Charging Handle 5.56


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The Liberty Charging Handle (LCH) from Sons of Liberty Gun Works is designed to increase form and function in both suppressed and unsuppressed rifles. It is ambidextrous to allow fluid consistent motion when utilizing either strong or support side shooting. The size and shape of the latches allow for a snag-free operation. The LCH employs a raised lip at the rear creating a seal in the back of the upper receiver to interrupt gas during suppressed fire.

This Narrow Latch version of the LCH is the same width as a USGI charging handle at 2.17″.  The standard LCH is .2″ wider than this Narrow Latch version, which is optimized for use with lower profile optics, or shooters with bulky kit who are concerned about the charging handle potentially catching on their equipment.

The LCH is machined from aircraft-grade 7075 and anodized to Mil-Spec Hard Coat Type III specifications.


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