VEIL Solutions/SOLGW C2 Comp or Carry 5.56 Rifle Mag Carrier w/ Tek-Lok


C2 Mag carriers(Comp & Carry) Are designed to be based around the competitive shooting arena and is ideal for use in competitions or for a minimalist design for duty carry. Like all gear made by VS, we take an extra step to assure the mags ability to function flawlessly no matter the situation, so these mags were meant to hold up to the rigors of day to day carry and still function reliably and consistently.

  • Slim line design to allow for more carry options and other gear if space is tight.
  • Adjustable retention from the range, to matches, to the workplace. Adjustable to ensure the proper retention for various mag types, or needs dependent upon the environment.
  • Easy On-Off 1.5″(Standard) clip allows for quick changing gear at matches without having to thread through a belt, as well as a quick way to gear up quickly in a “grab and go” situation. 1.75″ clip may be selected as well.
  • TekLok is included for adjustability from 1″-2″ duty belts. These will fully enclose the belt and lock securely around them.
  • Hole pattern will also work with the Safariland QD system.
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