Armorers Training

Armorers Training Classes

Sons of Liberty provides 2 - 3 day armorers training for departments across the country.  Satisfied clients include San Antonio Police Department and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.  Classes can be set up with your states accrediting agency to provide continuing education hours. 

Classes can be conducted for just one department as long as the minimum 10 student limit is reached not including any incentives or free seats.  Classes are most often held at a Police Academy that can sign off on CE Hours for the class participants. Classes can be opened to other departments to increase attendance numbers.  

We can provide classes for up to 30 students and provide incentives for Police Academies willing to host the class and support the continuing education process for attending officers from other departments.

Our armorers training is far greater in scope than traditional armorers training. We cover not only assembly and disassembly but the history of the platform, materials used in its construction, troubleshooting, technical information regarding the platform and much more. Your armorers will come out of the program with a much greater appreciation and understanding for what constitutes a quality AR-15/M4.

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