Sons Of Liberty Gun Works

Legacy Series

Sons of Liberty introduced the Legacy rifle so even first time AR buyers, or those on a modest budget, would still have access to a quality rifle with our industry leading QC and Lifetime Warranty. The Legacy is our version of the M4 we’ve all seen for decades now, with our own improvements sprinkled in where it counts.

The Legacy is a carbine you can confidently suppress in the future, change the furniture on someday, or just leave how it is to enjoy.  It’s everything a fighting rifle needs to be to run for the long haul, without having to pay for any upgrades you don’t need out of the box.

If you need a reliable, durable, fighting grade blaster you can trust for about a grand, there’s no finer carbine on the market than the SOLGW Legacy.

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All rifles are test fired twice in the shop to ensure proper function.

At Sons of Liberty Gun Works, we believe in Quality Mil-Spec or better parts. We believe there is no substitute for quality and that your gun should be built right the first time, ready for hard use right out of the box. We believe a quality Bolt Carrier Group and a quality, accurate, and long-lasting barrel are the heart of a Combat Grade weapon. We believe in properly tuned weapons using the correct gas system length and quality Sprinco Tactical Buffer Springs. We believe in our products and we back them up with a Lifetime Warranty. Our weapons are meant to be used hard and go in harm’s way, they won’t let you down.