Duty Approved Program


This is our newest program.  Designed to bring excellent Department Pricing and financing options to officers of agencies nationwide. 

Get the best equipment in the hands of your officers and deputies without the hassle.

We've made it easy to get no BS, hard use works rifles.  

Sign your agency up today to begin reaping the rewards:


1. Great discounts of up front purchase of rifles, optics, and complete packages.

2. The option for 4 month, 0% financing, with No credit check for officers.

3. The ability for larger departments to tailor the program through custom approved packages for their officers. 

4. The ease for officers who are not firearms enthusiasts to find a complete package in their price level, ready to go with rifle, optic, sling and light. 

5. Opens up possibilities for long term testing of our products in preparation for agency wide deployment.  

6. Private Security firms that issue rifles in the course of their duties are also eligible for Duty Approved.

7. All rifles purchased through Duty Approved fall under our Duty Use Replacement Program.

Currently, Agencies in Bexar and surrounding counties fall under another existing program and will approved or added to that program. 


In order to sign up for the program please fill out the form below:  PDF Copies are available as well from info@sonsoflibertygw.com

The officer filling out the program application must have the authority to approve SOLGW Rifles for duty use at your department.


Duty Approved Application


T&E Rifles are available for departments with over 50 sworn officers or Department purchases of 10+ rifles. 

Please fill out a request here: T&E Request Form




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